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Monday, March 28, 2005

Free-form building style

Staff writer David Thompson wrote a nice article called “Touch of a master” in Williamsport Sun-Gazette. He wrote about Horace Hartshaw, who used to work with late Wharton Esherick, an artist that used “free-form” style to design and build structures.

In the free-form style, the shape of the wood largely dictates the appearance of the construction whether it is building or furniture etc. This building style always produces unique structures and is impossible to duplicate, as trees are always unique.

Horace Hartshaw continues his friend’s tradition by creating free-form items from wood and reveals that late into Esherick’s life, it was Hartshaw who actually constructed all the objects and Esherick just signed them.

Hartshaw’s background was in log homes and now he has combined some of his free-form skills to design and help to build a Mountainview Fellowship Church.

As a personal comment, I would like to add that, besides institutional buildings, the free-form style lives strong in rustic log homes that are very popular in the States. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any pictures of this church, but I bet it looks very interesting. If you know a link to the church pictures, could you post it to comments?


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