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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Log homes for gays and lesbians

News 14 Carolina ran an article about a log home dealership that is marketing log homes for homosexuals. Log Homes for Us is the name of the company that is located in Rocky Mount and founded by Justin Porter. He says that while working for a larger log homes company, he noticed that there is definitely a large market for selling homes to gays and lesbians.

He says that he has done some limited marketing and response has been unbelievable. Mr. Porter has plans to sell 300 to 400 homes a year and that would be sizeable one-sixth of overall sales of The Original Log Cabin Homes, a company in which Log Homes for Us functions as a division.

From my point of view this industry segment shouldn’t be that lucrative for companies that want to market for homosexuals. The product is ultimately the same for everybody, and unlike in travel industry, there is really no need to arrange some specific services to accommodate homosexuals’ needs.

I see the success of Mr. Porter coming from knowing his clients. He is probably more comfortable dealing with them and able to emphasize some lifestyle issues. Customers might prefer him to another salesman, who could have some personal issues with this kind of customers. After all, log home industry has strong label of supporting traditional family values and a salesperson who strongly believes into this value setting, might not be the best choice to service gays or lesbians.


All in all I doubt that this marks a beginning of log home companies or dealerships that are strictly focused on serving homosexuals. As a first entrepreneur to the market, Justin Porter is probably going to fare very well and I wish him all the best with his business – log homes have to break away from their present image if they are to gain more market share and in this, Mr. Porter is doing very valuable work.


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