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Saturday, March 19, 2005

First goal of The Log Homes Info reached

I keep on writing the content, but the advancement is very slow. I set a guideline for myself, in which my main log home categories will have four sub categories to start with. At the time of writing this post, as you can see, there are not many sub categories that have content, just those lonely “Search link” texts to show the place of coming categories. By the time I manage to get all of them filled, I estimate that it will be autumn already. It seems like a mountain, but I know that just have to keep on scaling, otherwise I will never finish it.

Now there is a reason for minimal celebration as I managed to meet my basic requirement on Resources category. In my blueprints I have many more subcategories to fill in there, but for now I will move along and let those resources to rest for a while, like a half a year or something, hah.

As the next move I am planning to cover design and planning, because both of these belong into the early stages of log home building. Better start from the bottom, in that way the content makes more sense. Essentially the Resources section was about inspiring and to some degree about educating. In Design section, I will move further to the education and factual information. As always, I am going to keep you posted.

Spring sun is shining brightly, hopefully you will also have a great day!


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