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Monday, March 14, 2005

Log home magazine reviews

This article reviews log home magazines from all over the world. This is the base article that will be updated from time to time. On the top of the page, I will put the magazine that I consider to be the best of those that I have gotten my hands on and following magazines in descending order.

At first, the selection for log home magazine interviews is – as you can see – very limited, because I live in Finland and don’t have easy access to most of the log homes publications and I hesitate to subscribe them, costs would be staggering! However, I am sure that this situation will improve over time and you will have more magazine reviews here. Coming up next, my first log home magazine review:

Country’s Best Log Homes is published F&W Publications Inc. Company is also running Timber Frame Shows. This log home magazine has average content, and the actual page count of useful articles is rather low. The magazine has five distinctive sections if I count in the ads. Actual sections include: presentations, columns, departments and services.

Presentations are stories about people and their log homes. Presented log homes are beautiful and provide lots of general design and decoration ideas for the reader. Usually these articles follow the story of the owners, why they chose a log home and how they got it. Rest of the article then describes this beautiful log home and offers some wonderful pictures on the side. There is no doubt about the purpose of these stories. They are like mini soap operas, which aspire people to start their own log home project or alternatively continue subscribing the Country’s Best Log Homes and living the dream through the articles.

Columns are food for the left side of the brain, a logical reason for buying this magazine. This is by far the most useful section of articles. Log home industry professionals mostly write these columns and that often guarantees some interesting insights from some specific field in construction industry. Every magazine has rather well balanced story topics so there is something for everybody.

Departments offer fixed content for example there is always a department for readers’ letters, an editorial, floor plans and events. These sections offer the same old log, just with different finish. Events keep on changing and there are always a new angle or current topic in log homes industry, which the editor can ponder. Here the line between ad and information starts to blur, every magazine has different floor plans and I am willing to bet that there could be some paid inclusion going on. Anyhow, it is all very informative and companies get some extra visibility, no harm in that.

Reader services are basically paid ads in forms of directory and index. To get this information, all we need to do is to get one of these magazines and that one take pretty much covers the content of every other log home magazine during the season. Country’s Best Log Homes naturally wants to include this section to every issue. This way they can get more advertising revenue and the reader might feel that package is bigger, but it is really not that necessary for every issue to have 30 something pages of directory styled ads. The big one-page ads are mingled with the content anyhow.

All in all, Country’s Best Log Homes is entertaining log home magazine that is bit light on information but heavy on lifestyle.


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