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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I like log homes

Initially I liked log homes because of the loving feeling that I associated to log homes from early on. In Finland, log homes are traditionally built by the lake. It really is almost inevitable, because we have so many lakes and vast forests. Anyhow, I just recall all those wonderful, hot summer days by the lake and the cool refuge that log home offered. During winters, we seldom visited any log homes, just occasional check ups to see that everything is fine. Dark winter days made log homes look gloomy and spooky so there truly was strong emotion bonding that developed already as I was a child. Later my preference and liking to log homes has just increased, because all the new information has just enhanced my appreciation towards this ancient building technology. I hope that with these pages I am able to given at least a glimpse of that appreciation. This blog is to celebrate log homes.


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