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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blueprints are ready

I have my blueprints ready for this website. I have all the sections and topics planned ready. Now I have set up the basic division of the log homes info site and it sure looks empty. I have lot of writing and studying to do before this blog is what I want it to be. I guess there is no other way around it, just keep on typing day by day to reach the goal.

I have reserved the domain name, but I am not going to use it at this point, because of the sorry state of the content. There is not much sense to start promoting either that would just be waist of time and money. For the time being, I will concentrate on writing about various log home resources, later on I will move to more hard core log home information like building techniques.

Ok, now the article about log home blogs is done and online. Tomorrow I will write about personal websites. These two topics are very similar and the line between is hard to draw. In the end I might end up just merging them together under blogs or personal websites.


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