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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blogs about log homes

On this page I list and introduce blogs that have something to do with log homes. I try to stick with quality blogs and especially those blogs about log homes, which are regularly updated. With some candidates, this is not possible, because the actual log home building or renovating project is already finished. In these cases I have just made the call based on written content, there is almost always something to learn from others’ experiences. These log home blogs are ranked according to my personal liking so the one that I like to follow the most is on the top. UPDATED 23.03.2005

This is an excellent blog that covers almost completely the whole long journey that it takes to have a log home – design, planning, organizing, contracts, budget, building and so on. Lots of surprises! Have to warn you people, while this is an excellent resource for aspiring log home builder (others too), there are just so many posts in this blog that it takes more than cup of tea to read it all through. However, it is well written and entertaining, so you will not notice how fast time is passing while reading it. I wish everybody would keep such a blog while building a log home, so that others could learn from it and the history of the log home would be preserved.

Newly started blog about log home construction project. This blog is associated with personal website that offers pictures of the project. Blog presents the thoughts of an owner-builder of a log home. The log home has been in the making since 2003 and already passed the foundation and frame building stages and therefore the aspects that are currently presented in the blog deal mostly with finishing the log home.

I have high hopes for this blog that is also a newcomer to the log home blogging arena. Intriguingly the writer is right in the beginning of his log home building project. Postings are far and wide, so it is difficult to say how it will turn out in the end. The posts that are currently online are informative and interesting to read. There are also many pictures about the serene and woody area where the log home will locate.

The Last Nail is wittily written documentation of a home restoration project. This couple has enviable life style – they buy houses, which are down on their luck, renovate them and after selling, they move on. Obviously hard life, but there lies the beauty of it, because you can read all about it in your own comfortable chair, while sipping coffee. This is a road movie, taking place in a construction blog and the main emphasis is on building the atmosphere. So what is it doing here among log home blogs? Because these people have heart, just like all log home owners do.

Mountain life and skiing in several related (you could say messy) blogs by Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges friends. This is a great blog to read, if you want to get the feeling of lodge living and skiing on the mountains. While this blog’s main emphasis is on the outdoors lifestyle and the actual log home building process is already finished, there still is a construction diary on their Vertebrae Logde construction project. Some wonderful pictures of log home living and skiing are included all over the blog. Those pictures are already worth to check out this blog.


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