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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Personal websites about log homes

First of all, this section has personal websites that deal with log homes in one way or another. The purpose is to share the personal experiences that people have about log home living. If you have or know a personal website about log homes, please tell me and I will mention it here. UPDATED 04.04.2005.

There is definitely a big step to take, if people want to make a personal website. This can be seen in the scarcity of the personal sites that tell about log homes. I think that building up a website can such a painful operation that if one is able to create a website, there will be so little enthusiasm left for actual content production that every personal site is pit light on content. Anyhow, here are some personal websites that I have managed to locate.

This personal site looks nice and has lots of pictures of different stages of the log home building project. However, it does not have much information and feels slightly empty. Guess what, I saved the best for last. Williams log home site has lots of video clips. By watching the clips, you can get much better feeling of the different building stages of a log home. I myself watched quite a few...

Another nice website that tries to document things that happened during the planning and building of a log home. This personal website is well structured, but unfortunately updating has stopped. Latest pictures are from early 2003. Wonder what is going on with this project. This is a really good resource for a log home enthusiast, lots of links and good documentation.

This log home project has different focus. They explain some cool research methods that they used, while searching for suitable piece of land for their log home - satellite, aerial and topographical methods. Following phases in the process of building a log home are equally well documented. They have staggering amount of pictures from every building stage so you get a good "picture" on what is going on. This is a good reference to go through while you are planning your own log home project. All in all this is a lovely website for a lovely family.

This wilderness guide has dedicated part of his website for depicting the building process of a log home. The special feature here is that the log home is hand-built. You get to see many pictures of the building process. It looks so easy that it makes you want to try too.

This log home project has also been finished in year 2000, but maybe there are still some finalizing touches outside the house. Expect to see occasional updates about renovations and some small repairs. Best part of this log home site is that their building project has been divided into clear stages and explained very thoroughly. Also they offer very detailed chronological journal on the whole project that most certainly will give you an idea what kind of task the building a log home really is. This log home website also has forum and lots of photos and some video.


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