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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Heritage project

I spotted an article that writes about Finnish-Americans that are building a house during their family reunion on the old homestead. They are doing this as a heritage project to remember the roots of the family.

In the article, they tell about old Finnish log building method, called salmontail-method, which in States is called dovetail. They are mostly using original logs that were left from the old homestead farm. Original logs included all sorts of woods, just about anything the land had as family first arrived on it from Finland.

An interesting article that shows how heritage can be passed on to the coming generations. I would expect that the best way to preserve the past is in this kind of reunions that produce something concrete and reflect the days of our ancestors. By the way, I completely agree with those Finnish-Americans, sauna has to be wood-fired, otherwise it is not a real sauna.


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