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Monday, April 11, 2005

New manufacturing technology at Katahdin

Here we are offered a wonderful glimpse into the world of Katahdin Forest Products, as Jen Lynds at Bangor Daily News is writing about David Gordon that is the company president of Katahdin Forest Products.

Mr. Gordon’s father and his two friends started the company. He himself started to work there as a forklift operator and log shaver. This hands-on background and his dedication to studying the industry and experimenting with manufacturing process have gained the company important break through in cedar log home manufacturing.

With the new process they are able to double the amount of manufactured log homes per day. In actual numbers, they are now able to manufacture two log homes per day, compared to the earlier one per day. He claims that the process is not only faster but also of higher quality and easier to build.

Automating the process brings some additional advantages. Compared to the old production line that needed 6 men to operate the process, the new line only requires 2 workers. However, they are not laying people off, instead they are hiring more people because of increase in business.

Katahdin Forest Products has come far from those early days of three men working together. Today the company employs more than 100 workers and manufactures about 200 log homes per year. They also have exports as far as Israel, Japan and Scotland. They have also grown out of log homes and produce also some related products like wooden window boxes, toys and planters.

Even the company ships their products widely they gather their supplies locally. Now as the new manufacturing process is benefiting the main log home business every other related business will enjoy the benefits in form of increased production. This will be especially good news on their supply area.

In the article they also discuss about this new production technology, but that I believe you could go and check directly on the source, as it is rather lengthy process description. However, it seems like the industry could be getting a technology boost that enables companies to produce more log homes. This in turn could lower the log home prices as supply increases. All in all, this is good news for the whole industry.


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