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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mail order log homes

One special piece of news that has been greeted with content smile (among catalogue lovers) is the recent decision of Orvis to include some Rocky Mountain Log Homes’ models into their mail order catalogue. Orvis is all about lifestyle in the great outdoors. With the log home boom going on, it is no big wonder that they finally made the move. This is a great move because Rocky Mountain Log Homes has one of the widest distributor networks in the States, good match for a nationwide mail order company.

On the countryside (maybe I should say “American countryside” as the business was really booming in the land of great distances), it was very convenient way to get that special tool or rare supplies without riding few hundred miles to the nearest speciality shop. Log homes were very much self-made at that point, because people knew how to build and raw material was abundant. Looking forward to our time, things sure have changed, but what about mail order brides?


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