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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The flip side of nationwide publicity

On Sunday, I wrote about this new division of Original Log Cabin Homes that is called Log Homes For Us and is focusing on gay and lesbian log home markets. I just noticed an article by Laura Barron at WNCT-TV9. In the article Justin Porter, the head of Log Homes For Us tells bit about the flip side of the nationwide publicity that has come to their way after announcing the news.

They have gotten negative feedback locally, phone calls, e-mails and anonymous messages also some evangelists and pastors have said that their company might be hot now but hell is hotter. Talking about controversial response, and I thought that since Rocky Mount is on East Coast, it could be more open on what comes to the attitudes of people. However, mister Porter goes on and tells that they are currently working on a gay and lesbian log home community in Boone, North Carolina, which is close to Tennessee and Virginia statelines, and that they have no plans for such projects in the East.

I suppose that many gays and lesbians might actually further direct their business for Mr. Porter’s company to show support. I guess that ordering books are under heavy stress.


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