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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Midwest Log Creations

I don’t know how long this link is up, but if it is gone, you might be able to find the information by looking for an article written by David Namanny and titled Midwest Log Creations newest business in Kalona.

This news is not so closely related to log homes but instead handcrafted rustic furniture. There is a new business in town Kalona. Owners Tim and Sharon Miner started Midwest Log Creations to offer rustic wood furniture, gift items and accessories to fit just about any room in your house. Their secret is Amish man, Orva Yoder, who does most of the wooden items at Miners’ shop.

Their speciality is hand-carved walking stick, which is always uniquely carved and is intended to bring good luck and fortune to the possessor. Definitely something interesting to hang on the wall of one’s log home.

I don’t know if talents of Amish people are tapped like this on larger scale, but it sounds like a great way of interaction. They can use their old-time artisan skills to the maximum and we busy modern day consumers can reflect our values through their work. This feels like a good equation for log home owners especially. I think that we are such a breed that really can contemplate this matter.


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