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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Handcrafted log homes company

The Oregonian had an article, which was written by Jim Kadera, about a small log home company, called Woodwinds Log Homes that relies on handcrafting to build log homes.

This small company of father and son produces 3 log homes every 2 years. Every log home is a labor of love as they try their best to meet customer’s dreams. This dedication increases the price but only for about 15%.

They work so that they first prepare the log home (preparing the logs and assembling the log house) on their work yard and number the logs before disassembling and transporting the house to the owner’s property. While preparing the home might take 2 months the actual assembly process on owners land takes just hours. After that it is time to install utilities, which could take one or two months.

Despite this picturesque image, life offers its surprises and owner Dick Kyser had a serious accident with his first log home, but survived and recuperated.


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