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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Call from home

Good but tiring news from my dad. The commune where we have a lot for a summer cottage (I suppose that it comes as a no surprise for you when I say that we are planning to build a log home) has managed to finalize plans for general zoning and building code for the area that surrounds the lake where we have land.

This means that next summer (if there are no complaints about this new zoning and code) I will be building a log home with my dad. Father and son, one more time building together. We are doing the whole thing as a mix of log home kit (actually it is only a frame) and cheaply bought supplies and equipment. Project is already 3 years old and still counting, but now suddenly all this waiting (stupid environmental laws – hah, not really as they will preserve nature around our log home) seems to be over.

Maybe I should start a log home diary of my own.


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