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Monday, April 11, 2005

Home inspection could save your money


Here is a story about the importance of home inspection made by professional. Holden Lewis tells in Redding business news that it is usually old homes that get inspections but also newly built homes get occasional inspection.

Inspection is mainly for older houses and the purpose is to give an accurate picture of the real estate’s condition for the possible buyer. Inspections that are done for new buildings focus not on effects of aging but on structural errors and omissions that might occur during the construction process.

My own experience indicates that people who are shopping for a log home or a log cabin are less likely to emphasize inspections. Rustic romanticism still lives strong among the buyers and many people make their pick bit too hastily, thinking that small problems are just part of owning a log home.

This mentality lives especially strong in case of log cabins, which are not going to be used during winter. Unfortunately these kinds of buildings tend to have more problems caused by temperature and moisture changes. Often buyers get their hands busy in all sorts of fixing tasks and if one is really unlucky, there might be problems with ventilation, drainage or insulation that could result into severe structural problems. After reading this article, I can only recommend you to consider getting an inspection if you consider buying a log home.


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