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Monday, July 18, 2005

What took you so long?

...I have been in a new sales job, selling renovations to the needy. Everybody knows that sales jobs are massive time crunchers. Then there has been all the product information that I had to digest. Finally I start to get hang of it. Still, it takes time to do the sales, so I don’t have that much time left to dedicate for my blogs (I have 14 all together).

Because of this aimless blogging requires time that I don’t have anymore, I had to decide, which blogs I shall continue to update and dedicate my time for. This site about log homes is one of them and actually just about the only blog that I will continue, even it is among the youngest. This is because I just really enjoy log homes in all their forms and shapes.

I am quite optimistic that I can return to the previous pace of updating the site. As I hear anything new about log homes, you can be sure that I post it as quickly as I can. Actually here comes the first tip already, it is an old but still very informative article that was run in – in a matter of fact, it could have been written just yesterday. Enjoy.


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