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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Log home coverage in the net

This article got me thinking. I follow the net quite extensively while trying to stay on the nerve of what is being written about log homes and log cabins. During the past year I have noticed that there are basically three kinds of stories involving these wooden houses.

  1. Elevating stories on how people have fought hard to get their dream log home.
  2. Elevating stories on how people are fighting to save a piece of past by restoring an old log home.
  3. Serious articles on log home business.

Serious articles are absolute minority and everything that is related to casual log home entertainment is in abundant supply. No wonder there are big markets for log home constructors, because all the information raises our interest but doesn’t equip us with much at all. There is clearly an empty space for log home related education site in the net. Who could pull it off?


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